Monday, April 2, 2012

The Browser is Dead

Well, maybe not dead. Disappearing perhaps?

In a recent Buzzfeed post entitled "Remember The Browser Wars?", author John Herrman points out that not only are the browser wars over, but that as browsers increase in simplicity, then begin to disappear entirely. He writes, "The next versions of the operating systems will write the discreet 'browser' out of existance."

So I wondered. What would that look like?

I took the latest version of Google's Chrome UI (thank you Todd) and made it essentially disappear. In the same vain as Apple's minimalist QuickTime 10 design, Chrome's navigation elements, tabs, and address bar only appear when you need them and vanish when you don't.

Interface elements appear as the user mouses towards the top of the page and disappear as the user mouses away. It presents the user with the cleanest possible slate to interact with, focusing on content and eliminating clutter.
Google, I'll be expecting my offer letter in gmail.


Anonymous said...

Please release the "beta version" to the public!

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