Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're in Boston!

Forge has made the move to beanville from Waltham! (Nevermind the windex and moving bins). Big changes going on that's for sure. Good tings, good tings. The space is pretty sick, thanks to the people who were here before us who put a ton of cash into making it look amazing - nevermind putting in a massive bar including kegerator. The creative room's pretty tight, but cozy (I think). Joined the gym downstairs and I'm hoping to bike into the office once we unbury ourselves from 1000 ft. of snow. My commute has gone from 12 minutes to 45, but I can't complain (except for the MBTA's shotty service). Overall I'm pumped for the space and everyone here at Forge. Stop by for a beer on the house.

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