Friday, August 21, 2009

The Funk Old Gregg T-Shirt

I'm old greeeeeeeegggggg!

Ah, the classic legend of Old Gregg. If you haven't seen it, block off an hour of your day, plop yourself down and watch. Keep an open mind and enjoy :D

Anyway, I loved that episode of the Mighty Boosh so much I ended up making a t-shirt featuring one of the key characters - The Funk. If you want to know the story of the Funk, click ahead to about minute 7:45. I did a one color print, hand drawn from starring at a screen shot for an hour, and added a backside (not seen here yet) that reads, "Never forget, June 2nd, 1979 the day the Funk died".

I did an extra one if anyone wants it. If you'd like to custom order one, I'd be happy to print and send one to you, just lemmie know at

UPDATE: I've washed out this screen (which I shouldn't have), BUT since I've had so many requests for The Funk t-shirt, I've created a zazzle page so that people can order it online. Here is the link:

You can pick the size, color, style of t-shirt, etc. I'm not a professional screen printer, so it takes a while for me to print these in my bathroom haha. Now you can order it and have it within days. Not a bad deal, enjoy guys!


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