Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Abacus Computer

This is how fast my computer at work feels sometimes. Multiple times a day, I sit there for minutes on end waiting and waiting for things to process. Sometimes I just get up and go get coffee or go to the bathroom to pass the time. Sometimes it's not done when I get back! So sick of this. It's been almost 6 months, the time has come.

It's a Mac G5 tower, and you would THINK, that would be enough, but no, it's not. A few years ago, yes, but today with the Adobe products I use for work and websites that use flash 9 and 10, this just doesn't cut it. We can still repurpose it for account managers though - they just use office and the intertubes 98% of the time.

UPDATE: I recently got the nod to spec out a brand new iMac here at work. I'm looking at the 24" 2.93GHz. I have the same one at home and it flies. I've worked from home a couple times and it's night and day, the speed difference. Can't wait.


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