Friday, April 3, 2009

Twitting Again

Ugh, so I'm back in the twittersphere even though I hate it now, I do think it could evolve into something useful like how news feeds work right now. I have to say it IS a fast and easy way to receive up-to-date in the moment news.

For example; a University closes down for a snow emergency, they send out the tweet to everyone listening, it updates people on their mobile devices on their nightstands and they can go back to sleep. That I like. "I'm doing the dishes, ugh", I hate.

UPDATE: When iPhone software update 3.0 comes out late June, Twitter, Facebook, AIM, and other similar apps will be able to have Push notifications so you won't have to launch the app to find out you have new updates.

This will significantly change the notification experience. It may also drive you crazy if you're hearing sounds for every phone call, voice message, text message, email, facebook notification, tweet, IM, and more. *Bling, ding, bunk, tweet, bring, bonk, zoop, burp*

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