Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stop & Shop Logo Redesign

Since I'm only at Stop & Shop 3 TIMES A WEEK!, I felt I should comment on there latest rebranding effort (couple weeks late, I know). 

So they went from the highly recognizable red and green traffic light which dates back to the early 1960's to a unrecognizable assortment of slices of fruit? bowls? fruit on top of a TBS logo? Whatever it is, it represents Stop & Shop's direction towards providing healthier, fresher, more nutritious food to it's customers. 

They opted out of the heavy capped typeface to a sentence cased new san serif font with an annoyingly chopped terminal on the 't', and a dangerously close ampersand that screams "Here is your visual tension of the day!" They kept their two complimentary colors, red and green, and added two more, yellow and purple, which actually provides for a fun, energetic, bold color palette. 

Honestly, when I first saw it, I thought, wow, what a fresh new look. Then I got pissed that they ditched the traffic light completely instead of just modernizing what they've had for so long. But then after walking into my local Stop & Shop here in Brookline, Mass (which is notorious for dirty isles, even dirtier employees, and even rats), I started to feel different about it. They cleaned up the store in general, added their new signage and packaging to everything, and gave the employees new yellow and purple uniforms. It works very nicely all together. 

So I started to think, why the hell not? You're a creative agency, you could just refresh the traffic light, call it a day, and have a successful rebrand, OR you could say f-it, and just scrap the whole thing, and do something completely new and fun. 

I like it, it takes some balls to erase a logo that's been around for so long, that so many people have come to recognize and love. I just hope it works out for them. Not that people have a choice in the matter most of the time. Usually grocery stores (not in the city) are miles and miles away from each other, and which ever one is closest to you, you end up going to.

We'll see if this one sticks around for next 50 years or so. Something tells me it won't though.


Elizabeth J. Neal said...

It represents Stop & Shop's direction towards providing healthier, fresher, more nutritious food to it's customers.

Anonymous said...

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